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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the free membership?

You can join unlimited groups, like up to 3 profiles a week, send one free message a day to a member you matched with, see who is viewing your profile.

What do I get for a paid membership?

You can join unlimited groups, unlimited matches, unlimited star likes, unlimited matching, weekly profile boost, discounts for Glimmer events.

What are the options of length for memberships?

Free trial is 7 days

Monthly membership

Annual membership

Will my membership be renewed automatically?

Yes, unless you request it to be cancelled.   You will be notified if your membership is expiring soon.

What disabilities are included for people who join?

The list is included in the getting to know you section.  It is a comprehensive list of disabilities, and we are open to adding more to the list at any time.

Will I be able to limit age range, sex, distance and disabilities for people I want to meet?

Yes, you will have the ability to customize your search for friends and significant others.

If I am concerned about someone I meet online, what steps should I take?

You will have the option to block someone.  You should also report anything you are uncomfortable about to support

Will the site be secure?

Yes, we are using 2-point identification to protect you from bots.

Do you have an app?

Right now, we have the website for the computer and a mobile site for your phone.   We expect to reintroduce an app soon.

Will I only meet people in the United States?

No, our site is available to people with disabilities all over the world.

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