Things to Do Once You’ve Signed Up

Thanks for signing up with Glimmer! We’re glad to have you on board.

Now that you’re a member, here are some ways you can start to enjoy Glimmer.

1. Build your Profile

Your profile page is how you introduce yourself to the world, so make it as exceptional as you are! Upload a cover photo, add a profile picture, and tell the world about yourself and what makes you special. Your Glimmer profile is viewable only by other Glimmer members, so feel free to be as expressive as you’d like.

2. Make New Friends

Glimmer is first and foremost a community, and the way to build a community and keep it strong is by building your network. Check out our member listing and start making connections today.

3. Join a Group

Glimmer users are creating new groups every day. Groups are great ways to make new friends around issues that matter most to you.

4. Sound Off

Our Forums are where many of the most interesting discussions on Glimmer are taking place. Head over and get in the game!

5. Jump Right In!

The best way to find out what’s going on right now is by diving in to the activity stream. Bon voyage!