• Gretchen Hutchens wrote on Christine's Wall 1 year, 2 months ago

    Hi Christine, I joined glimmer to find out more about it in hopes to get to know other parents of children with disabilities and to see if it might be a place for my sons to meet new people who they would have things in common with. I have four children, two of which have disabilities that significantly impact their lives. They are great young men and I’d love to see them to have an opportunity to have a more active social life. I’d love to hear what your hoping to find on this site.

    • Gretchen, I am thrilled you contacted me. We are brand new so please be patient while we increase members. It may take awhile. As a mother of an adult male with disabilities I was often heartbroken that his social life was so limited. I am hopeful I can change this for my son and many others with disabilities. We are hoping people with disabilities will find others similar to them and make a connection. We are hoping they connect by interests and disabilities. Hopefully, some will be close to meet in person, but we are sure others may be miles away. Thy can still have the connection We have been very careful to make this a secure and safe site. We are also hopeful parents will find needed resources and suggestions from other parents to help them improve the quality of their child’s life. We welcome suggestions on ways we can improve our website and services. We also hope the word about our website will be spread so that we can increase our membership.