How to Magic Training To Level 99

Magic is among the most important skills to train in OSRS. It gives you access to many magic spells, teleports as well as money-making strategies. Also, Magic is an excellent fighting style that is great for bossing as well as PVP. This guide will be in-depth on the equipment, quests, and useful items you’ll need to get to level 99 Magic. Additionally, we’ll cover the most effective, lucrative and efficient options for F2P to reach Level 99.

In addition, if your plan is to use Magic to take on bosses or strategies to make money, it is important to build your Defense in the same way. This is so that you can to take minimal damage so that you can get more kills per hour.

Why Train Magic?

There are several reasons why players would want to increase their Magic level. It’s one of the primary combat types of the game, and can be used in many different situations. Certain bosses are more prone to Magic than other type of combat. This is why employing Magic can boost kills per hour . This can, as a result, improve the profits.

Furthermore, if you’re a PKer who is fond of spending adventures in the Wilderness, then using the Ancient Magicks will be a big advantage. This is due to spells such as Ice Barrage will lock your opponent in place for a few seconds. This can be handy in pursuing targets that are running to the safe zone.

Some players want to make money while learning a new skill. Magic can be used to enhance your skills which, when utilized correctly can produce GP. For example, High Alchemy is used to turn things into gold. With the right ingredients players can earn anything from 500 to 1,000k GP in an hour.

The F2P level 1-99 Magic Guide

Non-member players are limited to what methods they can train to reach the levels 99 Magic. We’ve conducted extensive study and have tested several ways to train. This is the most efficient and most effective method of training Magic using F2P OSRS.

Levels 1-19 Levels 1-19

In the first levels, from levels 1- 19, you’ll be training at the chicken pen located in Lumbridge. The farm is situated Northwest to the west of the cows. This is a place that is generally crowded with low-level players, so you’ll need to hop a few worlds until you can find a good alternative.

Create an air staff to bring mind, water, earth, and fire runes. As you level up you’ll have the ability to utilize more powerful spells. Beginning with these runes with will stop the need for bank trips.

Grades 19-30 Al-Kharid Warriors

Now you should have gained access to wind bolt, which is a significantly stronger ability than wind strike. Bring all of the runes mentioned previously, as you’ll want to choose the most effective spell once you’ve gotten more advanced.

Between levels 19 and 30 You’ll be battling Al-Kharid Warriors, located inside the Al-Kharid Palace . After you have killed the first warrior you’ll be able to gain aggro, which makes this method AFKable. They are only level 9, so they won’t do much damage.

30 to 55 levels: Hill Giants

For the mid-levels killing Hill Giants is the best source of experience. They’re located in the West of the Cooking Guild cave . To gain access to the cave, participants must possess the Brass Key, which can be obtained from the Grand Exchange. Head west toward The Cooking Guild, and you’ll notice a small shed that can be unlocked with the Brass Key. As you descend the ladder, you’ll see the Hill Giants.

The location is fantastic due to the fact that it has a variety of safe spots, which means that you are able to eat very little. Additionally, you can pick up the big bones and the limpwurt root for the price of a dollar.

Levels 55-99: High Alchemy

The fastest method to level 99 Magic is by using High Alchemy. It’s a non-combat-related skill which means you don’t gain hitpoint experience. The method is available anywhere that has an institution of banking. However, we suggest that you use the Grand Exchange because you can buy supplies if needed.

Training with high alchemy is very easy. To begin, get a fire staff, and keep nature runes on hand. Place your items in the spell high alchemy within the spellbook. This will let you click in a spam-click on the spell and the item you would like to raise alchemy.

Additionally, this method of instruction will make you millions as you progress towards level 99 Magic. Be sure to utilize the most profitable items, which are easily found using advanced alchemy calculators.

The best gear to Train Magic

Magic is highly varied in the types of tools and armor you could utilize. The best weapons have special capabilities and stats. The best weaponry in OSRS can be obtained from The Grand Exchange or slaying bosses. It is possible to cast spells with out a weapon if you have the required runes. However, using the best staff is recommended because it can increase accuracy and damage.

Furthermore, every Magic armor offers defense, Magic damage percentage, and Magic bonuses to protect you and increase DPS. Visit the Equipment Statistics page, and you’ll discover the benefits each weapon or armor provides.

OSRS Magic Training 2022

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