OSRS Mining is thought to be one of the toughest techniques in the game but some modifications have been implemented to improve the amount of engagement and profit. Most activities consist of clicking on every replenished rock and then hauling the load off to the bank after your inventory has been refilled.

Mining basic ore isn’t profitable, which is the reason you’re better off to power mining until you unlock AFK higher-level activities. This guide will go down an outline of the most effective ways to make money while training mining.

Mining Gemstones

Estimate: 500,000M/hour

Requirements: 40 mining, Shilo Village Quest, Hard Karamja Diary, Gem Bag (optional).

The gem rocks in Shilo Village had been available from the Classic times, but it’s much more effective with the inclusion of an underground deposit chest. If the world is not occupied and there is no other option, you should mine underground in the form of a loop before depositing it into a chest. Each gem is valuable including diamonds, opals and diamonds.

While it is very high on the clicks, it’s one of the most effective combinations of earnings and experience and you should push over 50,000 experience per hour. A Gem Bag to clear the inventory space could help however it’s not required.

Iron Ore

Estimate: 75,000/hour

Requirements: 35 Mining

The majority of iron that’s extracted in the game is lost because of this technique. It’s more an approach to power leveling. If you’re in need of some starter cash, you may instead choose to deposit your ores so that it can add up over time. This can be done in areas like Varrock East, Rimmington, the Wilderness Skeleton Mine, Monastary Mine and even the Mining Guild.

It is believed that the Mining Guild would be the most effective place to use P2P because it is located next to a safe deposit box. If you’re able to bring Varrock Armour, you will replenish your inventory faster because of the chance to collect ore.

Runite Ore

Estimate: 500,000-1M/hour

Requirements: 85 Mining

There are a lot of places in Runescape where you can find Runite Ore, although these areas will be a bit deficient in supply. With one or two rocks in a spot, you will be frequently moving between worlds to earn cash, and mining doesn’t sound too amazing.

With the latest Song of the Elves update, the Trahaearn mine is among the easiest locations to mine Runite ore. Given that there’s a bigger barrier for access, it could be one of the better locations. In F2P, the best you’re going to get is the Rune Rocks by the deadly red spiders. While it’s a long way from a bank , and is surrounded by plenty of competition, it can be very profitable when you successfully evade the killers of players.

Mining Amethyst

Estimate: 200k/hour

Requirements: 92 mining, 87 crafting (optional)

Amethyst rock was introduced into the game in order to revive the Mining Guild and it’s used to create high-level ammunition. It has a steep level requirement of 92, making it the most demanding ore found in the game.

Mining amethyst crystal deposits is an extremely AFK method to train and is somewhat similar to playing Pay Dirt. If you’ve achieved a good crafting skills, you could cut amethyst into arrows or javelin tips to prevent financial loss.

Zalcano Boss

Estimate: 1M – 5M/hour

Requirements The Song of the Elves

If you’ve completed Song of the Elves, you’ve discovered the best method of earning money while training Mining. The plan is to find the right rock formation, put the ores that are in the furnace, then imbue the ores on the altar, then put them in the direction of the boss. Each mining tick on either the boss or rock gives you 35 experiences, which is the same as mining iron ore.

Much like Wintertodt is played in large groups of players. The main difference is that those who have the best performance will get an enhanced drop, which includes an opportunity to acquire the pet. The manipulation of ticks is widely used by players, which makes this boss extremely competitive.

Players may get lucky with frequently Crystal Tool Seed drops, however the majority of cash will be in massive bar and ores. Large quantities of Runite can be found.

Final Thoughts

Except for Zalcano, mining isn’t a particularly effective skill to make money overall this is the reason why players opt to boost their mining until they reach their targets. Certain methods, like clay mining were not mentioned because of them being extremely slow to learn and not suitable for accounts with higher levels. Using the methods above, you can get rid of the routine and create additional runescape gold to use for bonds or investing in other skills.

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Old School Runescape Mining Money Making Tips

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