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Online Exams: Five Advantages

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    Ann Gardner

    What is an Online Examination System?
    The online examination system is the result of students’ assessment through the internet. It uses the best web technologies available. The online examination system is similar to the familiar system for conducting exams. It aims to objectively evaluate student’s mastery of specific subjects. The modern learning management system allows schools to organize online exams more efficiently.

    Online exams are designed to assess student competency-based skills, regardless of whether they are summative or formative. It enhances the traditional examination system in a creative way. Students don’t have to be present in an exam room to complete their papers. Online exams also eliminate the need for teachers to gather individual answer sheets and review them with their students. Electronic assessments have made it easier to take online exams. Online exams offer many benefits. Here’s a closer look:

    1. You can save time and money
    The greatest advantage to implementing online exams is the reduced time and money required. Teachers and students both can save time by automating the assessment process in schools. Students won’t have to gather on campus to take exams. Remote students can access exams anywhere they want by using their mobile devices.

    The online exam will also be easier because the students won’t need to re-fill information that was required in traditional test questionnaires. The system automatically stores all information about students who take the exam. So, students can focus on understanding the question and giving the best answer.

    On the other side, teachers are freed from the burden of creating, distribution, and evaluating tests. Online examination eliminates redundant and expensive processes. Online examination eliminates the need for teachers to spend time manually reviewing test papers.
    Teachers will find it simple to use the interface provided by the school. Students can also instantly get their results. The online exams allow teachers to use the auto-grading system. This relieves teachers of a lot of work. The online exams meant that teachers don’t have the same worries as students.

    2. Privacy and enhanced safety
    Online exams will provide students with safety and privacy benefits. The use of online exam platforms for conducting quizzes or exams increases security and privacy. There is no way for fraud or manipulation of exam results. Students have an easy way to see their exam results and get a clear record of their school’s evaluation.
    Additionally, students are able to receive their exam results privately rather than teachers posting them to class. Exam takers are protected by a virtual environment. Students can also answer the exam digitally from the comfort of home.

    3. Environmental-Friendly
    Sustainability or going environmentally-friendly in conducting exams is another perk for schools. Digital exams are a result of an electronic assessment system. This is also in line the more affordable option for managing exams for students.
    Additionally, teachers don’t need to print question sheets that are less important after recording the results. While schools may recycle test paper quarter to quarter, this may cause more clutter for teachers. The bottom line is that there won’t ever be any paper wasted which makes it economical to administer exams.

    4. Both Teachers and Students will find this resource highly accessible
    The assessment platform can be accessed online so students can take their exams from home. Interactive access to the electronic school assessment platform using the most recent technology allows teachers and students to interact with the system. Teachers will have the ability to import and add questions to the automated system. It will also allow for more systematic distribution of the set of questions by batch.
    Online examinations allow teachers to take advantage of the auto-grading software. Students can access it from multiple devices, depending on how the school arranges. The students can access an online exam using a variety of devices, such as a tablet or mobile phone.

    5. Assessments done quickly and without hassle
    Reliable school management software allows teachers to create test questions that can be customized. This software allows teachers to easily customize the types of questions that they are asking in an exam. Teachers no longer have to worry about examining essay questions on online exams. Teachers can provide a rubric to students in order to help them write their essay. Online exam softwares can be used to help teachers assess their students. This software makes school examinations easy.

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