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    Often the students and staff members are what influence the way others are treated in school. The school counselor should intervene and advocate for the student being bullied. Teachers should have in-service days to train them better how to deal with students who have disabilities. The principal may also need some training. Kids with disabilities are an easy target and the school needs to support the student. If at all possible try to have your child mainstreamed in a classroom instead of participating in inclusion in a classroom. In general, the ones who are mainstreamed have better life experiences and bullying is drastically reduced. Mainstreamed students experience a more positive environment. More is expected of them and the students often tend to behave better with the higher expectations.


    Steve Anderson

    I’ve been bullied before I even get bullied by a roommate of mine in a group home I live in but I get help from staff on how to stick up to him. I just stop hanging out with him and he still finds a way to get under my skin. But the staff also help me set boundaries with him and I tell the staff everything that happens to me with him. She told me to stop hanging out with negative people and it’s actually helped make my life better but I still struggle to make friends with other people because I’ve been hanging out with him for a while until I got a new lead staff and she saw for her own eyes how he treats me and she made me see the friendship in a way I didn’t see it before and made me realize that my roommate mark is not a good person to hang out with. And even the church I go to is not a good church for me to go to either. She told me I’ve been around drama all my life and that church I went to was drama so I stopped going there. I also use to be bullied alot in jr high growing up until they started a group called peer buddies where they have to learn to be nice to me. Also when I was in high school I got voted vice pres of my class despite all the people being mean to me I got voted vice pres of my class in high school.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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